Jim Henson’s Labyrinth Coronation #7

Boom! Studios/ Archaia

Written by Simon Spurrier and Ryan Ferrier

Art by Daniel Bayliss and Irene Flores

Colors by Joana Lafuente

Letters by Jim Campbell

Jareth finally seems to have Sarah where he wants her. Hoggle has betrayed her and she is deep asleep. Coincidentally, so is her brother. After finally getting Toby to go to sleep with an item from Jareth’s past, the goblin watching the child implores the Goblin King to continue his story.


Maria finds herself lost in a maze within the Labyrinth and her two companions are unable to offer any insight as to how she could escape. When they come upon a door, they find themselves inside a nightmare filled room that seems to be designed from a memory from Albert’s past. As she and her friends find a means of escape, Skubbin returns and his plan to lead them away only takes them deeper into the Labyrinth and on a collision course with a growing opposition to the king.

Spurrier and Ferrier sacrifice a lot of the action and adventure elements of this series for exposition in this issue. While I like the larger tale that is being told, the exposition did seem a little heavy in places. The pace of the issue dragged at times as well. There were moments that I thought were going to either be revelatory about Jareth or interesting in regards to the Goblin King and the Labyrinth. Unfortunately, too much attention was spent on dialogue that strays from the point of the story.

The art continues to be dazzling with great details and composition. I really enjoy the look of this series. Unfortunately, the artists aren’t given much to work with visually in this issue, but what is there looks great. Hopefully, the next issue reins in some of the dangling sub-plots and gets back to some of the central conflicts.

jim henson's labyrinth coronation #7




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