ThrillingAdventureHour_003_A_MainThe Thrilling Adventure Hour #3

Boom! Studios

Written by Ben Acker and Ben Blacker

Art by M.J. Erickson

Colors by Brittany Peer

Letters by Mike Fiorentino

The mystery that has opened each issue so far continues to get deeper and the mysterious object seems to be getting closer and closer to its final destination. Who or what is inside? What does it want? We don’t know, but it is on a collision course with the Doyle’s and they have their hands full with another problem.


Adam, the vampire, has captured Frank, Sadie and their friends and is keeping them in thrall as he tries to prevent them from letting his ghost girlfriend cross over. Keeping them in thrall is bad enough, but he is preventing the Doyle’s from enjoying their drinks and that is a crime that cannot go unpunished. Frank and Sadie must use every trick they can think of to thwart the plans of Adam and free the soul of his dead girlfriend as a plucky reporter gets closer to finding out the truth about the Doyle’s and their extracurricular activities.

This series continues to be a fun, light series anchored with solid writing by Acker and Blacker. Both the tone of the narrative and the pacing of the dialogue make all of the comedy beats pop. I also really like the fact that there is a B story that is equally as compelling as what we are seeing on the page.

Erickson delivers some fun art and I really like how the style of the art gives the story the look of an animated series. It really complements the tone of the story.

The Thrilling Adventure Hour #3




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