HIC_Cv1_ds_5ba5a8fdaec465.75291558-600x910Heroes In Crisis #1

DC Comics

Written by Tom King

Art by Clay Mann

Colors by Tomeu Morey

Letters by Clayton Cowles

In a rural Nebraska restaurant, Booster Gold is seated at the bar asking for a cup of coffee. While he waits for his order and talks to his waitress, Harley Quinn walks in anc Booster tells the waitress that there is about to be a fight.


Intercut between testimonials from other superheroes recounting their individual issues, Harley and Booster begin a brutal battle with each one doing their best to kill the other. At the same time Superman makes his way to a secluded farmhouse where the bodies of superheroes lie everywhere. Batman and Wonder Woman are on their way with Batman readying himself for the carnage of the crime scene. When they arrive, Batman confirms his frustration as Harley reveals something shocking to Booster Gold.

One of the best lines in this issue is delivered by Batman and it really focuses the story going forward. The first issue takes place at the tail end of a massacre and it changes the expectation that most readers had of a book dealing with the psychological issues facing heroes to a really interesting mystery involving everyone being treated at Sanctuary. I like where Tom King is taking this story and it’s told in a really interesting way with the cuts between the Trinity, the heroes being treated and the Booster/Harley interlude.

The art is great and I love the muted colors in the panels. Each page is filled with great details and the visual tone matches the narrative tone perfectly. I really found myself engaged in this story and interested in seeing where it goes.

Heroes in Crisis #1




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