BE40EF03-3180-400E-B1C4-EE870C72027CJim Henson’s Labyrinth: Coronation #3


Written by Simon Spurrier

Art by Daniel Bayliss

Colors by Dan Jackson

The story continues as Jareth continues to amuse himself and Toby with watching Sarah stumble around the Labyrinth, clueless to where she is going and how to find her way. As the goblin in charge of watching the baby looks on, the Goblin King tells the baby about the difference between Sarah’s lack of focus and his mother’s decision to abandon emotion and use her wits to find her son. It’s an interesting gambit that she chooses and it does not go unnoticed by the King who decides that it might be time to change the rules and end this game before it has a chance to begin.


What I liked about this issue is that there is the same tone and connective tissue to the movie that I have enjoyed from the first issue. The Labyrinth is huge and there are many different and odd creatures living within it. The fact that we get to see a new side to this place as well as new denizens of it does a lot to expand on the original story and sustain a world of its own. The fact that Jareth remembers his mother as being fierce and focused makes what has to come next that much more tragic when you think about who Jareth becomes.

The side characters introduced in this issue work well for their respective parts and I hope to see more of the Labyrinth itself as the story progresses. As much as I would like to see familiar faces and places, this story stands well enough on its own to manage to keep me interested and entertained without having to spend a lot of time on the events of the film. As much as I enjoy the moments where we see Sarah’s progression, this is Jareth’s story and that’s what I want to continue to focus on. Both the artwork and the story help with that by focusing on the events that we are here to see and moving the plot along visually well to keep me intrigued.

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