F6CDAC81-4763-49A7-9F7B-6A4682C2F875Abbott #4

Boom! Studios

Written by Saladin Ahmed

Art by Sami Kivela

Colors by Jason Wordie

Abbott’s world is getting harder as she tries to deal with being fired in the best way that she can, by drinking. After dealing with her self-imposed pity party for two days, she decides to get it together and get some answers. She decides to call the people close to her and get back on her investigation. An investigation that includes a missing Wardell and the need for a gun and some answers from Sebastian.


She decides to get to the bottom of why she was fired and the answer leads straight back to the Professor she confronted. The one seemingly possessed by the entity that attacked her. As she digs deeper, she finds more connections to the Professor’s rich family. Connections that link the man to the bodies found throughout the city. Her investigation leads her deeper into the world of the unknown. A world that she might not be prepared to face.

Abbott is one of those rare stories that draws you in almost immediately. The pacing and progression of the characters and the investigation is amazing. I love that there is enough mystery to keep you guessing while at the same time, hitting you with thrilling moments you didn’t expect. Ahmed has created a rich character who is both capable and vulnerable. The fact that the story is going places I can’t predict makes it more compelling a read.

The art is another stand out in this book with great, clean lines and rich detail that draws the eye across the panel. I like taking in each one and seeing the subtle details within while being immersed in the story. The adventure aspects of the plot are well rendered as well and the end of this issue is both tragic and satisfying. Can’t wait for the conclusion.

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