AD57F6C2-6BDE-4F22-B2EB-2F20F5F43FE9John Wick #2

Dynamite Entertainment

Written by Greg Pak

Art by Giovanni Valletta

Colors by David Curiel and Inlight Studios

John Wick is introduced to the Continental in El Paso and has obvious reservations about this hotel for assassins. As he sits down with his host, they are joined by a woman who is all too interested in talking about John’s last interaction with her men. One that left several of them dead. As John gets back to what he considers “a personal matter”, the woman who is sitting with him, gives him some advice that he might want to heed.


At the same time, the other men from John’s past are meeting up to make a decision about what to do next and some information from their dead colleague gets the wheels turning for a showdown. John decides to play all sides and it’s a great gambit to see and read in this issue. I like the way the character is portrayed for the most part, but I expected a little bit more from the fight in the abandoned building. There was the potential to do something interesting visually that seemed to be squandered a little.

For the most part, this issue does a good job of moving the plot along and giving the character more to do than react to something happening, but there was something missing in the narrative that just made everything seem a little flat. The art was great, but the dialogue was a little stilted. I expected more of a follow-up from the first issue, something dynamic to remind me why this is a story worth reading. This didn’t do it.




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