Jenny Zero #1

Dark Horse Comics

Written by Dave Dwonch and Brockton McKinney

Art by Magenta King

Colors by Megan Huang

Letters by Dave Dwonch

The Rundown: Jenny is going to discover that there are big secrets being kept from her. That is, if she sobers up.

Jenny is the ultimate party girl. She loses herself and drowns her sorrows in alcohol and drugs. Jenny might also be the world’s best chance against a horde of rampaging monsters. As a member of an elite government team, she has been trained to fight these threats and has a legacy in doing so. Unfortunately, the pressure of that legacy is one of the reasons Jenny parties so hard and turns her back on the world around her.

When a new threat emerges, she is brought back into action with her trusty weapon and sent out to defeat a new creature rampaging throughout the city. When he attack makes matters worse, something happens that will change everything about Jenny’s world and purpose.

The Story: This first issue has a lot going on both story and character wise. What makes it interesting is how Jenny is setup to be a complex and complicated character. The writing and dialogue establish that the character is dealing with a lot of things from her past and not in a healthy way. That drama is fascinating to see play out and the final reveal at the end of the issue adds another elements of complication for the character that I am interested in seeing explored.

The Art: King delivers great style to the art in this issue. I loved the gritty look and feel of the world and the characters.

Jenny Zero #1



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