Jackie Chan has always played the lovable, but tough guy who is thrown into situations that he has to use his wit and skill to escape from. In his latest movie, he takes a pretty dark turn as a grieving father.

Jackie Chan stars in The Foreigner as a man named Quan, whose daughter is killed in a deadly attack by IRA forces in London. Quan goes to the authorities seeking justice, but is consistently denied and ignored, forcing the grieving father to use his skills as a former soldier to seek answers by going after the people who are denying him answers.

The trailer has classic Jackie Chan action beats as well as a good helping of Bourne-style intrigue. Based on the 2008 Stephen Leather novel The Chinaman, The Foreigner stars Jackie Chan in the lead role and Pierce Brosnan as an official with information Quan needs. The film reunites Brosnan with Goldeneye director Martin Campbell from a script by Live Free or Die Hard writer David Marconi.


The Foreigner fights its way into theaters October 13, 2017

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