43E4A893-FB1E-4C0E-8D03-EA56383F49CCHunt for Wolverine #1

Marvel Comics

Written by Charles Soule

Art by David Marquez and Paulo Siquiera

Colors by Rachelle Rosenberg, Walden Wong and Ruth Redmond

The first issue of Hunt for Wolverine is broken into two parts. The first part reveals the biggest part of the mystery and the second deals with the immediate aftermath.

In “Secrets and Lives”, a group of Reavers finds out the location of Wolverine’s final resting place and decide that the body of Wolverine would fetch a huge price. Enough to get them fixed up. As they descend on the nondescript log cabin in the middle of the Canadian woods, they decide to take the statue. That is until the X-Men arrive to stop them. Led by Kitty Pryde, the team tries to stop the Reavers and in the process we learn the biggest mystery of the series about what really happened to Wolverine’s body.


I love the fact that it’s Storm who finally speaks up about how wrong it is to leave his body sitting in a shell of adamantium. What happens next makes perfect sense in the context of this story and why Kitty Pryde is such an important part of it. There is some real, genuine emotion exhibited in this story and I enjoy how the art softens to accommodate the emotion before getting sharper when dealing with the action.

The next story “Hunter’s Pryde” deals with the aftermath of the revelation about Wolverine. Kitty Pryde decides to enlist some of Logan’s old friends to help with the mystery and she recruits both Daredevil and Iron Man to begin the search. It’s a pretty straightforward vignette that adds some fun and interesting moments to a pretty solid first issue. Both the visuals and the narrative work together seamlessly and there seems to be some interesting stories coming up with the next issue.

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