Wolverine: The Long Night

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Season 1 Episode 9

“The Changing”

So the proverbial “you know what” has hit the proverbial “you know where” as events begin to spiral out of the control in the town of Burns. Joseph Langrock confronts Sheriff Ridge after the death of his favorite son Brent and he wants one simple thing, the death of Logan.

With Logan in the crosshairs of everyone and the town on edge, Agents Marshall and Pierce find themselves confronting the local Taxidermist and finding out that he has been preserving more than just animals for the Langrock’s. He’s been preserving trophies for Hudson Langrock. Trophies that answer the question about who is responsible for the deaths of the women in the town.

What they find out while interrogating the Taxidermist is that Hudson has another secret. One that the agents first suspect to be a mutation, but dismiss when they are contacted by the hospital and told that Deputy Bobby has been found, clinging to life. The agents race to the hospital to get Bobby’s story and he tells them that he was working to try to expose the Langrock’s illegal drug trade when he was confronted by Logan after he slaughtered the people making the drugs.


He’s allowed to leave and that’s when he has his second run in with Logan as Hudson reveals his other self, Joseph has a reckoning with his son and Logan delivers something special right through the front door of Joseph Langrock’s house. As the chaos in the town continues to build, the Aurora Cult cuts the power to the town and Marshall is confronted by Logan as he tries to fix it.

This is the most exciting chapter in the entire series. Everything is building and the audio does a great job of keeping the listener immersed in this story. The voice actors do a great job as well, but the atmosphere created in the audio is amazing. Can’t wait to hear how it ends.

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