HIC_Cv4_ds_5c1d8b0658ac41.35585889Heroes In Crisis #4

DC Comics

Written by Tom King

Art by Clay Mann

Colors by Tomeu Morey

Letters by Clayton Cowles

As the investigation continues, both suspects find allies and a  betrayal threatens the trinity.

Donna Troy intervenes into a personal problem with Tempest as the former Titan is drinking himself into a stupor. We get to see more testimonials from the heroes being treated at Sanctuary including Donna, whose philosophical conversation about myth is interesting in and of itself.


At the crime scene, the World’s Greatest Detective and Crime Scene Analyst Barry Allen aka The Flash have come to a conclusion about the evidence they’ve collected and the two suspects. While Booster is currently in custody being interrogated by Wonder Woman and her lasso, Harley is on the run and about to run into Batgirl.

While Batgirl battles Harley, Barbara’s testimonial from Sanctuary drives her to take a different and unexpected tactic with Harley. One that taps into their shared pain. Booster and Blue Beetle have a talk about Booster’s experience during the massacre and his answers prompt Ted Kord to put friendship over the league. At the same time, Sanctuary is exposed and it’s done by someone close to a member of the trinity.

This issue takes some interesting and unexpected twists and still manages to tell a tight and suspenseful story. King has created an intriguing psychological thriller as well as tense character study with this series and it’s nice to see that the series will keep focus on the characters and their trauma while unfolding the bigger story. There are a lot of open questions in this issue and it seems like Batman and Flash might be holding some of the answers.

Clay Mann’s art is amazing in this issue. The Harley/Batgirl interlude alone is amazing in its detail and the beauty of the panel progression. The art is definitely one of the best things about this series and this issue specifically.

Heroes in Crisis #4




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