pfayrbhi2bl8wqedmwsuAction Comics #1006

DC Comics

Written by Brian Michael Bendis

Art by Ryan Sook

Colors by Brad Anderson

Letters by Josh Reed

The Red Cloud is just the tip of the iceberg as a new threat emerges in the city. One that has been in Metropolis since Superman made his debut.

Clark has already determined that the Mayor of Metropolis is corrupt and decides to confront him at a charity event. It doesn’t give him all the answers he needs, but the super hearing does fill in some of the holes in his investigation. Enough to lead him back to a suspicion he has at the Daily Planet.


When Red Cloud goes after the fire chief, Superman intervenes and there is another exchange that actually shows an evolution in tactics from the man of steel. He manges to fight the entity to a stalemate and possibly leaves the person behind it with a new idea of who she’s dealing with.

When Red Cloud returns to her master, we find that there has been a secret society operating in Metropolis since Superman hade his debut and the leader seems to have a connection to that event.

This is an interesting issue. It showcases many of the conflicts that have been established with Bendis’ run. The Clark/Lois gossip continues and everyone seems to be using it as a way to try to needle Clark when they see him. The issues the Planet are facing and whether or not Perry will compromise his integrity to save circulation continue to be relevant to the overall plot and the twist at the end of this issue should complicate that in an interesting way.

The art ┬áby Ryan Sook is great. There are some fun and dynamic panels, but there isn’t much in the plot that calls for anything to be visually exciting. This is a good, plot-driven issue, but there isn’t much action in this Action Comic.

Action Comics #1006




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