Stjepan Sejic has a new project he is writing and drawing for DC Comics “Black Label” imprint and it puts a new spin on a familiar origin story.


According to an article in The Hollywood Reporter, Sejic is working on a new origin story for Harleen Quinzell aka Harley Quinn. The three-issue story, called “Harleen” will find the scientist working to end the growing apathy she sees in the people of Gotham City. She faces pushback in her agenda from the legal and medical establishment in the city. When the Joker strikes, no one is prepared for it and the event changes Harleen forever.

Sejic made a statement about the upcoming series saying; β€œIt is a story of her road to hell β€” paved with good intentions β€” and a smile that cost her her soul. More than anything it is a tale about good people falling. Falling in love, falling from grace, and falling apart.”

Harleen will be released September 25th from DC Black Label.

What do you think of a re-telling of Harley Quinn’s origin? What are you looking forward to seeing in the new series? Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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