This September, one of the Avengers greatest foes returns in an all new series that will witness the rise of the machines.


The first part of “The Ultron Agenda” arc will take place in Tony Stark: Iron Man #16 from the creative team of writers Dan Slott and Jim Zub with art from Valerio Schiti. According to Marvel; The A.I.’s are on the attack—and they might be in the right. Battle lines are being drawn, and it’s time for Tony Stark, Jocasta, Andy Bhang, and the rest of the cast to pick sides!

The new Robot Uprising will not be lead by Ultron though. This new threat will come with Machine Man in charge.

Tony Stark: Iron Man #16, the first part of “The Ultron Agenda” will be available September 18th. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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