Harley Quinn #71

DC Comics

Written by Sam Humphries

Art by Sami Basri

Colors by HI-FI

Letters by Dave Sharpe

The Rundown: Harley’s hunt for her friends killer will force her to seek the help of an unlikely ally.

With Alicia dead of an apparent suicide, it is up to Harley to get justice. After taking on every gangster she can find in Los Angeles, she finally starts to put the pieces together with the realization that her friend’s death might be part of a bigger conspiracy.


After cutting a swath through the criminal underworld, Harley’s investigation takes her back to where it all began and an confrontation with her current employer that will spin over into the ring. With the odds against Harley and Alicia’s daughter set to lose more than her mother, Harley will have to enlist the help of an unlikely source to help her fight back.

The Story: Fun and fast paced, but brimming with heart. Sam Humphries makes this issue entertaining with both its characters and dialogue. Giving Harley something worth fighting for is a fun way to keep her growing as a character and Humphries does a great job of taking her out of her element, but still making the environment lighter and more entertaining for having her in it.

The Art: Sami Basri is the missing element that makes this issue great to read. The art is fantastic and the characters come to life on pages filled with detail and great action. A consistently great looking book.

Harley Quinn #71




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