Strikeforce #7

Marvel Comics

Written by Tini Howard

Art by German Peralta

Colors by GURU-eFX

Letters by Joe Sabino

The Rundown: The Strikeforce team travels to Monster Island to hunt down Birgit and run into its leader Deadpool.


Birgit has fled all the way to Staten Island as the Strikeforce team moves in closer. With Count Ophidian secured and the team committed to finding the Vridai a new home, they decide to travel to Monster Island to capture Birgit and wrap up this mission. At the same time, Deadpool knows someone has invaded his island and investigates only to both find the team and to offer them lodging away from prying eyes.

With the team in hiding, Spider-Woman decides that she’s been on this mission long enough and goes looking for Birgit to speed things along. Two of her teammates follow and the monster hunters find themselves surrounded by monsters who want to be entertained and Birgit who wants the Count back under her control.

The Story: There are a lot of fun moments throughout this issue and the plot is solid. Unfortunately, there isn’t much else to this issue. All of the build up of this plot seems to be crumbling under the weight of its characters and the Vridai storyline is running out of steam quickly. While the characters continue to be entertaining and the inclusion of Deadpool is fun and funny, the story itself doesn’t really go anywhere until the end and the plot takes away what made readers care in the first place.

The Art: Peralta delivers some great art in this issue. Many of the pages feature great views of the characters and the Spider-Woman fight has some entertaining moments. Hopefully the story will pick up and allow Peralta to shine visually.

Strikeforce #7




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