harley-cv55-1148200Harley Quinn #55

DC Comics

Written by Sam Humphries

Art by John Timms

Colors by Alex Sinclair

Letters by Dave Sharpe

It’s a very Harley Christmas filled with chaos, violence and a huge reveal that will change everything for Harley Quinn.

On the eve of the holiday, Harley is still reeling over the fact that he mother has invited the rest of the family to an impromptu family dinner. After an introduction to the eclectic members of Harley’s family, Harley heads into the kitchen and gets to work.


Unfortunately, her siblings are just as eccentric as she is and those eccentricities lead to the tree being set on fire, the dinner being ruined and other chaos that culminates into a devastating reveal that drives Harley from her home.

In a really emotional and serious moment for the character, Harley has a rare moment of clarity in her otherwise chaotic life. It’s a really sweet aside that adds something to Harley as a character. Unfortunately, if I said anything else about it, I would spoil it.

Sam Humphries does an interesting thing with this issue and it works as an aside to the absurdity that has been the thread throughout many of Harley’s adventures lately.

Timms has some amazingly detailed and fun art in this issue. Harley and everyone in the issue look great and their facial expressions are both fun and well drawn.

Harley Quinn #55




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