the-freeze-1_4732230711The Freeze #1

Image Comics

Written by Dan Wickline

Art by Phillip Sevy

Letters by Troy Peteri

In the wake of a worldwide calamity, Ray Adams’ life changed forever.

Ray began his day like any other, doing his job. When he stood up from plugging in a surge protector, he notices that everyone around him has frozen solid. They aren’t cold, but no one is moving and Ray is the only one that can unfreeze them. When he begins to unfreeze people at his office, he finds himself in the middle of an emergency when a pregnant co-worker begins to feel pain.


He and another unfrozen person from the office take the woman to a hospital where an unfrozen doctor and nurse treat the young woman.

In the near future, it looks like there are warring factions of unfrozen in the world and they come after Ray and his group as they unfreeze a young woman to take with them. What she knows and how she can help is anyone’s guess.

As Ray and his co-worker Lisa venture out into the world, they discover that the scope of the Freeze is larger than either one of them could imagine.

The first issue of The Freeze is interesting in both its premise and its execution. Everything from the moment Ray realizes something is wrong with the world is handled in a well thought out and entertaining way. There isn’t much in this first issue to grab one’s attention from a character standpoint, but there is potential in Ray’s evolution to hero in this story.

The art is well done in this issue and there are some great facial expressions from the characters that help to amplify the drama and tension in the story.

The Freeze #1




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