die-1_89e97fe2b2Die #1

Image Comics

Written by Kieron Gillen

Art by Stephanie Hans

Letters by Clayton Cowles

Dominic and his friends are going to discover that they can’t bury their secrets forever.

Sixteen year old Dominic and his younger sister go to Dom’s friend Solomon’s house to celebrate their birthday. Not knowing what to do, Solomon proposes a new game for the group of RPG fans and after they take the time to create their characters, the six friends begin to play.


Two years later, five of them emerge on a seemingly deserted road in the woods.

Whatever trauma they experienced over the two years they were missing, twenty five years later they still cannot talk about it. It’s a problem that permeates much of Dominic’s life and affects his relationships. It also doesn’t help that Solomon’s aging mother continues to implore him to tell her what happened to her son. The mystery of what happened to the five of them all those years ago continues to take a toll on their lives and when Dominic receives a surprise package containing something he thought lost from that time, he enlists the group to meet again.

When they finally get together, it is interesting to see how they have changed and adds more to the tension and drama of the issue to wonder what happened to them. When the Die finally activates and teleports the group to a fantasy land where they are decked out in character gear, they find that they have some unfinished business in that world with a familiar face.

This is an engaging and entertaining first issue. There are so many cool and interesting elements to the story and the mystery that Gillen is creating seems to have some really intriguing layers both from a plot perspective and from a relationship one. I enjoyed the complicated interpersonal relationships at work in this issue and am curious to see how they play out in the character’s current situation as well as what happened to them when they were kids. There is so much that grabbed my attention as a reader in this issue and I am curious to see where this story goes.

The art by Stephanie Hans is breathtaking. There are so many amazingly detailed and beautiful panels in this issue. I was blown away by how haunting and deep everything looked.

Die #1




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