HARLEY_Cv54Harley Quinn #54

DC Comics

Written by Sam Humphries

Art by Lukas Werneck

Colors by Gabe Eltaeb

Letters by Dave Sharpe

Minor disasters threaten to derail Harley’s burgeoning Internet career.

Minor Disaster has finally revealed herself and her disaster disc has done its job of sending out the embarrassing videos that Harley doesn’t want seen to the web. Unfortunately for the wannabe supervillain, the videos have the opposite effect. Everyone loves this new, raw Harley Quinn and her popularity only grows.


When Minor decides to call in her father for approval and a team-up, Harley is there ready to take her down. The meeting doesn’t go as planned and as Harley tries to go super psychiatrist on her, she smashes her disaster disc and begins an event that could destroy Coney Island and kill everyone on it.

Sam Humphries manages to cleverly skewer internet culture and online fame in this issue in subtle ways that convey a message without preaching. It’s nice seeing Harley embrace her ability to be insightful sometimes. The light and fun tone of this comic continues to be one of its most enduring features and keeps me coming back as a reader.

Lucas Werneck’s art is great in this issue. His art complements the tone of the story and works brilliantly with the plot and dialogue.


Harley Quinn #54




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