lightstepfeaturedLightstep #1

Dark Horse Comics

Written by Milos Slavkovic and Mirko Topalski

Art by Milos Slavkovic

Letters by Andres Bunjac

Breaking with tradition is going to have huge consequences.

January Lee has lived her entire life steeped in privilege. As one of the elite since birth, she has never had to deal with the world outside of her perfect society. As she recites the lines she is required to say in ceremonies she is required to attend, she feels restless. A seizure in one of her classes reveals her connection to the long dead leader of their society and that connection puts her house in line to honor that dead leader at an event attended by the elite of society.


In a ceremony meant to honor the founder’s violent ascension to power, January decides to stand against the decision and make one of her own. The choice does not go over with anyone including her family and the young woman is subjected to a harsh punishment in response.

Lightstep is a beautifully drawn comic with some interesting themes and threads to explore involving Anu and what happens to her. There are also some interesting things about the society that are touched on in this first issue that could be fun to explore as the story unfolds. Unfortunately, I found it difficult to determine what this issue was actually trying to say with either the characters or the plot. Interesting aspects of the story aside, there wasn’t much to hold onto character-wise. It was also difficult to determine why anyone should care about this aspect of society and what impact it seems to have on anything.

The only potential conflict that is introduced isn’t given time to flourish enough to give the reader an insight into why he or she should care about any of this.

It is a gorgeous book to look at though and the art is amazingly detailed and fluid. Perhaps the next issue will bring the story into focus.

Lightstep #1




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