Cover._SX1280_QL80_TTD_ (19)American Carnage #1

DC Vertigo

Written by Bryan Hill

Art by Leandro Fernandez

Colors by Dean White

Letters by Pat Brosseau

A former government agent is going to find himself hip deep in the modern white supremacist movement.

Agent Sheila Curry is investigating the death of her former partner and the suspected killers ties to a billionaire political operative that might be the head of a white nationalist group. The higher ups in the bureau want to end the investigation after the death of the suspect, but Curry wants to keep going and explore the possible connections between the murder of her partner and the billionaire Wynn Allen Morgan. She decides to enlist the help of former FBI agent Richard Wright to infiltrate the group and gather evidence.



Wright has his own problems and a past that he is desperately trying to forget, but he does agree to take on the off the books assignment. Unfortunately, he doesn’t seem to find the nest of Nazis he’s looking for with Morgan and his daughter Jennifer. That all changes when he goes to the man’s house for a little get together.

This first issue is compelling and establishes an interesting mystery steeped in aspects of the current political climate. Hill manages to craft a story that doesn’t give away too much and doesn’t make the characters into clichés that are easily dismissed. There is nuance to these people and their agendas are not easily discernible. It’s going to be interesting to see where this story goes and what twists and turns it takes.

The art is fantastic with stunning details in composition as well as the use of shadow in many of the panels. It’s evocative of the dark, mysterious tone of the issue.

American Carnage #1




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