Harley Quinn #13

DC Comics

Written by Stephanie Phillips

Art by Riley Rossmo

Ink by Jay Leisten

Colors by Ivan Plascenia

Letters by AndWorld Design

The Rundown: A violent killer wreaks havoc in Gotham City while Harley Quinn attempts to assist the less fortunate.

An unnamed character narrates their idea of the current crime scene in Gotham and their methods for deterring it. They also commit several acts of violence while dressed up as someone well known to the city. Later, police arrive on the scene and find compelling evidence. Meanwhile, Harley uses her talents to obtain supplies for the food insecure. Afterwards, she and Kevin have a heart to heart at her home when they are interrupted by authorities. Finally, Harley finds herself in an unexpected and dangerous predicament.

The Story: Episode 13 begins a new story arc in this series. It is the perfect jumping in point for new readers. Personally, I found this to be my favorite issue so far. Phillips creates a dual narrative that is both dark and whimsical. The newest villain in Gotham is gruesome, vengeful, and a distinct threat to Harley. As we are treated to the musings of this masked vigilante, it appears their motive is not so different from Harley’s. Thus, the juxtaposition between crime fighting and community assistance styles are made. The question of the story becomes: “What is the difference between villainy and humanity?” I’m interested to see where this plotline goes and what is the endgame of the newest “mask” in Gotham.

The Art: First off, I’d like to acknowledge AndWorld Design for providing clear distinction between the two narrative voices in this issue. Without their well thought out lettering, the story would be very confusing.

The illustration here has a modern and whimsical styling that matches the attitude of Harley. Intricate drawings highlighted by a variety of muted colors draw the eye to both foreground and background. I found this technique to be highly engaging and visually stimulating. The images really connected me to this tale.

Harley Quinn #13



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