Armorclads #1

Valiant Entertainment

Written by JJ O’Connor and Brian Buccellato

Art by Manuel Garcia

Inks by Raul Fernandez

Colors by Rex Lokus

Letters by Dave Sharpe

The Rundown: Forced to mine on a dangerous planet, a group of workers will find themselves bound for something bigger.

On the planet Xeru, a group of genetically engineered workers are tasked with mining a rare material that humanity needs to survive. Their job is made more dangerous by the creatures that inhabit the planet that attack without warning. When a dangerous mining operation leads to the death of one of their friends, Peris and the others decide to let the creatures take the man responsible and stand their ground and they fend off an attack.

After returning to base, Peris and the others lament their place on the planet and in the world when a rumbling outside alerts them that they are about to face something possibly deadlier than the creatures on the planet as giant mechs surround the building and demand they all come outside.

The Story: O’Connor and Buccellato create an entertaining and action packed first issue with a story that does a great job of focusing on character and conflict. The world of the story is interesting and has some intriguing sociopolitical undertones at play that keep me interested. I like the immediacy of the story and am interested in seeing what happens next.

The Art: Manuel Garcia delivers some wonderfully detailed character designs and action with the visuals in the issue.

Armorclads #1



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