Hardware Season One #5

DC Comics/Milestone

Written by Brandon Thomas

Art by Denys Cowan

Inks by Bill Sienkiewicz

Colors by Chris Sotomayor

Letters by Rob Leigh

The Rundown: Curtis fights for his life before taking the fight back to Dakota and Alva.

In the wake of Alva’s attack on a former business partner and rival, Curtis and Asher is one of the flooding subbasements of the building. At the same time, Tiffany and Barraki are being chased down by a super powered threat and have to split up to escape. A plan that will leave one of them in the hands of Alva himself.

After Curtis and Asher escape from certain death, Asher decides to join Hardware in paying Alva back by equipping Curtis with a plane and information. Unfortunately, Curtis’ flight back to Dakota will not go smoothly and as he prepares to face Alva again, he learn another lesson from his old mentor that might be his last.

The Story: Thomas delivers another entertaining and thrilling story in this issue. There is a palpable sense of danger in the plot and the character struggles continue to be compelling and interesting. The social commentary continues to be brilliantly woven into the plot and the story ends on a great cliffhanger that makes me eager for what comes next.

The Art: Cowan delivers some beautifully detailed, gritty and thrilling art throughout the issue. The visuals are filled with great action and energy.

Hardware Season One #5



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