GUARDIANS-OF-THE-GALAXY-11Guardians of the Galaxy #11

Marvel Comics

Written by Donny Cates

Art by Cory Smith

Inks by Victor Olazaba

Colors by David Curiel

Letters by Cory Petit

The Rundown: The remaining Guardians make a final stand against J-Son and Universal Church of Truth.


Rocket, Groot, Moondragon and the Magus infiltrate the Church’s ship in order to liberate the rest of the Guardians and stop J-Son, but they are intercepted by an army of Drax clones. Fighting their way through the horde, Peter finds the team and joins the fight. With Rocket dying, his suit is the only thing protecting him as he fights for his life and those of his friends.

When J-Son tries to escape, he is intercepted by Magus. Using his power to fight the world be despot, both Magus and the rest of the Guardians are going to find themselves facing something even worse, an army of their brainwashed friends and allies.

The Story: Donny Cates brings excitement and thrills in this latest issue. The Guardians are facing some tough battles and things are getting harder for them as the ship gets closer to Earth. Cates pens a plot that is paced perfectly with tension throughout and delivers on both the story and the action. The characters are done brilliantly and the end of the issue teases a moment with Rocket filled with triumph and tragedy.

The Art: Cory Smith’s art is absolutely brilliant. Every panel is filled with beautiful visuals and the action is amazing. The fight against the Drax clones is legendary and I can’t wait to see what Smith does with the upcoming finale of this arc.

Guardians of the Galaxy #11




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