Black Cat Annual #1

Marvel Comics

Written by Jed MacKay

Art by Joey Vazquez, Natacha Bustos and Juan Gedeon

Colors by Brian Reber

Letters by Ferran Delgado

The Rundown: Felicia Hardy goes to Spider-Man with a proposal (pun intended) that will help two strangers in love.


Felicia has a plan to help two young people escape from the Maggia crime family and it will require the help of your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man to pull it off. Playing on his desire to help, Peter agrees to walk down the aisle with Felicia for a wedding right in the middle of two mob families. A wedding whose ceremony ends in tragedy for either the bride or groom.

At the same time, Felicia’s associates are working other parts of her plan. A plan that will involve stealing from a booby-trapped lockbox, a SHIELD facility and facing down a HYDRA dreadnought in close quarters.

The Story: This annual was fun from start to finish. MacKay does an amazing job of crafting an effective and enjoyable heist story while playing with the complicated relationship between Peter and Felicia. That relationship is reflected in the impressive and engaging writing as you kind of root for the two of them both in their mission and personally. This is an insanely fun and imaginative annual that is executed brilliantly.

The Art: All of the artist bring some great visuals throughout the issue and each sequence has some great expressive moments from the characters as well as awesome action beats.

Black Cat Annual #1




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