Gotham by Gaslight: The Kryptonian Age #1

DC Comics

Written by Andy Diggle

Art by Leandro Fernandez

Colors by Dave Stewart

Letters by Simon Bowland

The Rundown: Selina Kyle goes after a mysterious treasure with an alien origin.

It’s 1893 in Gotham City and Selina Kyle travels throughout the dark and desolate city gathering information. Information about a potential object that landed on Earth decades ago. An object that will go on display at a lavish gathering of Gotham’s elite. A gathering Selina will definitely stand out in before she changes into her work clothes.

After stealing the item and making her way to the docks to sell it, her meeting is interrupted by an army of ninjas looking for the item too. An army that will get the attention of Batman.

The Story: I really enjoyed the mystery in this issue and how it potentially connects to Superman. There are some interesting threads being created throughout the story while also crafting a great environment for this story to thrive in. I really enjoyed this world previously and Diggle does a fantastic job of bringing me back to it with a story that hits at everything I enjoyed about Gotham by Gaslight. I look forward to seeing where this story goes next.

The Art: Fernandez beautifully captures the dark, desolate and gilded world of Gotham in this issue. I love the visual contrast between high society and the reality of the streets. The action is also beautifully detailed.

Gotham by Gaslight: The Kryptonian Age #1



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