Batman and Robin #10

DC Comics

Written by Joshua Williamson

Art by Nikola Cizmesija and Simone Di Meo

Colors by Rex Lokus and Giovanna Niro

Letters by

The Rundown: Batman and Robin have one chance to stop Man-Bat before he infects all of Gotham.

Robin manages to free his father from Man-Bat as the villain prepares to unleash his bat army to infect the citizens of Gotham. At the same time, Langstrom’s cult continues to target Batman as well and the duo must split up to fight the battle on two fronts while Flatline gets some unexpected help from Shush.

Batman takes on Langstrom alone as Robin looks for a way to stop the bats without killing them. With a last minute intervention from his friend, Robin finds a way to distract the bats and give his father the opportunity to stop the attack and save the city.

The Story: Williamson continues to impress me with this series and how it manages to balance the dynamic duo moments with some entertaining father/son moments that I enjoyed. The story finds a great balance between the action and relationship dynamics and the arc has a great ending that I found thrilling. The story made Man-Bat an intriguing villain with a unique motivation and I enjoyed seeing Batman and Robin have to change their tactics to end the threat. Definitely a fun and entertaining conclusion that teases a new arc I am interested in reading.

The Art: Both artists deliver beautifully detailed and visually thrilling art throughout the issue. The action is wonderfully done and creates a great sense of suspense and terror through many tense moments in the story.

Batman and Robin #10



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