Giant Size Amazing Spider-Man #1

Marvel Comics

Written by Nick Spencer and Ed Brisson

Art by Marcelo Ferriera, Carlos Gomez, Ze Carlos and Ig Guara

Inks by Wayne Faucher, Carlos Gomez, Ze Carlos and Ig Guara

Colors by Andrew Crossley, Morry Hollowell and Rachelle Rosenberg

Letters by Joe Caramagna

The Rundown: Peter teams with an old friend to stop the creation of a powerful device.

Peter teams up with the recently thought dead Ned Leeds to find the location of the Foreigner and Peter’s lab partner before they complete work on a device that can predict the future. Unfortunately for the Foreigner, there’s been some dissention in the ranks and his army of Jack O Lanterns have turned against him. As the fight rages on, Peter manages to rescue Jamie, but the fight reveals Chameleon’s connection to events.

While Spider-Man fights against a group of villains trying to steal the Clairvoyant, Teresa learns the dark history of the man who wants it, the real Chameleon. To make matters worse, she discovers her connection to the Chameleon and the Finisher. A connection that will call into question everything she has ever believed about herself and her life. As Chameleon’s forces sabotage the flying casino and send it hurtling back to Earth, Teresa finds her life being thrown into turmoil before Chameleon offers to help her find clarity.

The Story: Spencer and Brisson cook up something interesting in this issue. There is a lot of story to tell and both writers do a great job of keeping both sides of the story suspenseful, fast paced and interesting at the same time. Peter’s story is more action based with the bulk of the drama coming from Ned and his confrontation with the Foreigner. A story that is well done and has a great resolution given the circumstances. The Teresa Parker story is riveting and engaging as she fights to determine who she really is. I also really enjoyed the tease at the end of what’s to come.

The Art: All of the artist bring some amazing visual flair to every page and panel. There are great character moments captured with light and shadow and the action moments are beautifully drawn and filled with great energy and excitement.

Giant Size Amazing Spider-Man #1



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