Future State The Flash #1

DC Comics

Written by Brandon Vietti

Art: Dale Eaglesham

Colors by Mike Atiyeh

Letters by Steve Wands

The Rundown: The Flash Family gathers to find a way to help one of their own.

It’s been months since an incident has removed the speed force from Barry and the rest of the speedsters and the only one left has been cutting a swath of destruction all over the world. In a desperate attempt to help a corrupted friend, the Flash Family has taken to stealing the tech from Barry’s rogues gallery to find a way to stop the entity that has taken one of their own. Their latest stop is Checkmate to retrieve the helmet of the Thinker.

After securing the tech they need, Barry gets to work on finding a way to reach a corrupted and murderous Wally West. After enlisting his fellow speedsters, Barry attempts to reach Wally but finds that he is being controlled by an unknown entity that is aware of their plans and is willing to kill to stop them.

The Story: With a new writer on board for the Future State version of the story, I was expecting something new and exciting. Unfortunately, everything in this issue follows the same tropes that were part of Williamson’s run in the regular continuity. Barry’s guilt, Wally as the bad guy and loss of access to the speed force are all things I’ve seen before so nothing about this story feels fresh, new or particularly interesting. The interesting parts of the story, like the psychological trauma the rest of the speedsters are dealing with is handled through exposition rather than dialogue and that’s a shame.

The Art: Dale Eaglesham’s art is great. There is a classic look and feel to the art that I enjoyed.

Future State The Flash #1



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