Future State Justice League #2

DC Comics

Written by Joshua Williamson and Ram V

Art by Robson Rocha and Marcio Takara

Inks by Daniel Henriques

Colors by Romulo Fajardo Jr and Marcelo Maiolo

Letters by Tom Napolitano and Rob Leigh

The Rundown: With the real League trapped in a hellscape world, the fake Justice League moves forward with plans for revenge.

The Justice League is trapped on an alien world after being attacked by a group of white Martians intent on revenge. As their doubles make a name for themselves and earn the trust of the people, the League finds that their lack of trust in each other is exactly what got them in their predicament in the first place. The League must find a way to trust each other and forge a new connection if they have any chance of escaping and taking down their doppelgangers before they enslave the entire planet.

Justice League Dark prepares to face Merlin and his army. Khalid gives Etrigan some devastating news and the demon must choose whether to keep running or stand and fight. As the battle rages, the League finds itself facing a familiar face with Doctor Fate as the final piece of Merlin’s puzzle. To end what might be a slaughter, one of them will have to make a sacrifice.

The Story: Williamson does a good job of bringing this story to a close. The pacing was a little fast, but the dialogue makes up for it by having the characters confront their limitations as a group and use a new tactic to prevail and move forward. Ram V’s Justice League Dark story ends in a beautifully deep and compelling way. A great read.

The Art: Robson Rocha delivers some awesome action imagery throughout the story. Marcio Takara does a brilliant job of capturing the power of the characters and the emotion of the moment.

Future State Justice League #2



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