Future State Robin Eternal #2

DC Comics

Written by Meghan Fitzmartin

Art by Eddy Barrows

Inks by Eber Ferriera

Colors by Adriano Lucas

Letters by Pat Brosseau

The Rundown: Tim emerges with new power and purpose, but will his new strength kill him in the end?

After taking on a Magistrate transport, Tim Drake is killed by one of the Cybers, but his immersion in Lazarus resin brings him back to life with new found strength and agility. Something that will come in handy when more soldiers arrive. Unfortunately, Stephanie and Darcy discover that the same power that brought him back could be killing him as they work to complete their mission to destroy the resin.

As they make their way to the front of the transport, Tim is besieged with visions from his past and doubts manifesting as visions of Batman and others telling him he’s not worthy. As they surge ahead to complete the mission, one of their party is taken and it is up to Tim to break out of the effects the resin if he has any chance of stopping the shipment.

The Story: Fitzmartin does a great job of bringing this story to a satisfying and compelling end. The story showcases who Tim Drake is as a character and how his determination makes him worthy of the mantle he wears. The internal struggles he deals with are well done and the plot builds to a harrowing and compelling climax.

The Art: Eddy Barrows crafts some dark, beautifully details imagery throughout this issue. There is a gritty feel to the art and it perfectly matches the dark tone of the story.

Future State Robin Eternal #2



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