Future State Green Lantern #2

DC Comics

Written by Geoffrey Thorne, Josie Campbell, Robert Venditti

Art by Tom Raney, Andie Tong, Dexter Soy

Colors by Mike Atiyeh, Wil] Quintana, Alex Sinclair

Letters by Andworld Design, Dave Sharpe, Steve Wands

The Rundown: John Stewart and the Green Lantern Corps must find a way to save the Shaar people from the Khunds. Keli Quintela’s must find a way to survive when she is trapped by monsters. Hal Jordan seeks out the missing Green Lantern Corps.

The Shaar people are under attack by the Khunds. The Green Lantern Corps, in an attempt to save them, must gather the being on a space ship in order to escape. John Stewart acts as a distraction by engaging the Khunds in battle. At the last moment, John receives help from a mysterious source.

Teenaged Keli Quitnela is sent with Lantern Planet Mogo into the void. They are tasked with finding the source of her lantern powered gauntlet. When the central battery goes dark, and Lantern Planet Mogo is deactivated, Keli finds herself surrounded by monsters. She must find a way to survive until help arrives.

Hal Jordan is in Coast City. He has lost contact with the Green Lantern Corps and assumes the worst. On a mission in space he encounters several enemies and makes a startling realization. After a harrowing adventure he is met by an old friend.

The Story: Geoffrey Thorne crafts and engaging story with a surprise finale. It was interesting to see the Corps at work without the aid of their lanterns. I really enjoyed this fast paced and engaging story.

Dead Space: I really liked following this teenager’s journey of finding courage. Josie Campbell does a good job connecting with the reader through Keli’s voice and inner monologue. I found myself wanting to know more about Keli and her journey as a lantern.

Robert Venditti creates a pretty interesting storyline. Hal is met with some pretty alarming situations, and I’m curious to see how this will all play out in later series.

The Art: I found the panels to be colorful and energetic. It played well with the narrative. Tom Raney does a good job of delivering a range of expression to both human and alien creatures.

The dark colors and intense greens are a visual treat. Not only does it draw the reader in, it adds emotion to Keli’s actions.

Dexter Soy does a good job with showing the danger that Hal Jordan is in. The colors are vivid and keeps the reader interested in the action.

Future State Green Lantern #2



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