Future State Immortal Wonder Woman #2

DC Comics

Written By Becky Cloonan, Michael W. Conrad and L.L. McKinney

Art by Jen Bartel

Pencil by Alitha Martinez

Ink by Mark Morales

Color by Emilio Lopez

Letters by Pat Brosseau and Becca Carey

The Rundown:
Diana must face life alone at the end of time. Nubia must battle Grail and Circe to protect a magic key.

Set in the distant future, the Undoing has destroyed everything Diana, Princess of Themyscyra, has ever known. As she floats in space searching for any living souls, she is haunted by the memories of a dear friend. Recalling a battle involving Darkseid, Diana ponders his motives, and how they shaped his ultimate decisions. Eventually she finds someone else in the void. Although they both make peace with their circumstances, Diana and her companion are faced with a difficult choice.

Meanwhile, in the not-so-distant future, Nubia awakens in another world far from her home. Captured, she watches as Grail uses a mysterious device to summon the sorceress, Circe. The two strike a deal to remove one of Nubia’s enchanted belongings. In an epic battle involving torture, Nubia makes a surprising discovery. With the help of an new ally, Nubia makes her escape. Later, she goes to her Aunt Nancy for answers. When met with a cryptic response, Nubia resolves to learn the truth.

The Story:

Cloonan and Conrad have carefully crafted a tale of unending hope amidst uncertainty. It is interesting to ponder what life is like for an immortal. And how ultimately losing everyone you love affects your psyche. I was profoundly sad for Diana, but also empowered by her strength of character.

LL McKinney does a great job creating an adventure story with a character that’s all in for the ride. Nubia is a character that doesn’t shy away from conflict, and its fun experiencing her interactions with both villains and her Aunt Nancy. I’m exciting for the future of this character in the DC universe.

The Art:
Jen Bartel uses bold, brilliant colors to highlight Diana’s story. The colors are eye-catching. When juxtaposed against the dark and colorless panels that represent her thoughts and memories, the reader gets a sense of how Diana boldly lives her life.

Warm and Cool color palates are brilliantly used by Morales and Lopez to differentiate action sequences and noncombat related activities on different worlds. And Martinez’s use of facial expression adds depth to the intensity of the character interactions.


Future State Immortal Wonder Woman #2



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