Future State The New Batman #4

DC Comics

Written by John Ridley, Vita Avala, and Paula Sevenbergen

Art by Laura Braga and Aneke

Pencil by Emanuela Lupacchino

Ink by Wade Von Grawbadger

Colors by Arif Prianto, Trish Mulvihill, and John Kalisz

Letters by Clayton Cowles and Becca Carey

The Rundown

Batman must race through the city of Gotham to keep two surrendered criminals alive. Two Batgirls must rescue a vital member of the resistance from the Magistrate’s prison. Catwoman, Poison Ivy, and DeeDee must flee from the Magistrate’s Peacekeepers.

Batman is determined to protect two criminals from the Magistrate despite the danger to his person. His only choice is to avoid the Peacekeeper’s by taking the surrendered on a mad 3 mile chase from his safe house to the Gotham City Police Department. When Batman encounters someone unanticipated, he must make a difficult decision.

Set a few years from now, Stephanie Brown and Cassandra Cain set out to find a secret prisoner. However, they are met with a surprise they may play a vital part in removing the Magistrate’s hold over Gotham.

In the near future, the Gotham City Sirens find themselves on the run. After an unsettling confrontation, Catwoman and Poision Ivy retrieve a component with information needed by the resistance.

The Story
John Ridley does a good job of showing Tim Kane’s struggle to take on the mantle of Batman. The emotional turmoil he goes through is heartbreaking. It leads one to wonder: Is the cost of saving a life too great a price for losing your own?

Vita Avala story shows how the Magistrate’s power has affected the lives of so many in Gotham. I like how both heroes and villains are willing to put aside their differences to protect their home.

Gotham City Sirens:
Paula Sevenbergen delivers with this final chapter of a girl’s night out gone wrong. It was fun seeing Catwoman and Poison Ivy team up to help both the resistance, and a lonely cyborg.

The Art
Arif Prianto brings a watercolor feel to Laura Braga’s art. The muted blues work perfectly in the grim setting of a Gotham in turmoil. The action scenes are magnificent.

Trish Mulvhihill’s uses a traditional comic book style. I like the way great detail is given to distinguish the many characters shown in the wide cut panels.

Vibrant colors to set the framework for the Gotham City Sirens. The action is well done, and there are some pretty creepy elements that really shine through.

Future State The New Batman #4



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