Future State Catwoman #1

DC Comics

Written By Ram V

Art by Otto Schmidt

Letters by Tom Napolitano

The Rundown: In a dystopian future Gotham, citizens and children are being taken hostage. Catwoman is on a mission to save them.

The Magistrate is rounding up the citizens of Gotham and forcing them to board a train and children are notably separated from the adults. A captain and representative are highlighted.

Catwoman is determined to board the train in a high stakes robbery attempt to save the children. Once she boards, she must battle a train filled with armed agents. She faces several surprises in her quest, including some interesting high risk prisoners.

The Story: This is a wild, high energy ride. Ram V ushers the reader quickly through a new and dangerous time period. Although it started off somber, I was immediately invested in the happenings of Gotham city. I was particularly struck with how quickly the story unfolded. And how the mood changed from ominous to adventurous with only a switch in perspective. The unexpected twists and turns left me wanting more.

The Art: In true Catwoman form, the colors are dark an muted. While I enjoyed the action oriented panels, the scenes that set up the overall story impressed me most. Otto Schmidt is able to capture the moods of rage and solemnity of purpose in a hauntingly beautiful manner.

Future State Catwoman #1



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