Batman Catwoman #2

DC Comics

Written by Tom King

Art by Clay Mann

Colors by Tomeu Morey

Letters by Clayton Cowles

The Rundown: After the tragic murder of someone close to Bruce Wayne, associates of an enemy turn up dead.

The son of Andrea Baumont has been murdered and the Phantasm returns to the streets of Gotham looking for the Joker. With the bodies starting to pile up, Batman and Catwoman take to the streets to track down the Phantasm before the slaughter continues. As the pair go over the clues, Selina thinks back to meeting with Joker regarding a job that has her fingerprints all over it and how it is connected to Joker. A job she is desperate to keep Batman away from as Phantasm gets closer to her goal and the Joker.

In the future, Selina has confronted Joker at his new place and their cordial back and forth reveals Selina’s plans to kill the villain. A prospect that is easier said than done considering ow resilient the evil of the man has been for decades.

The Story: The mystery continues to unfold in this issue and that mystery continues to be compelling. Tom King focuses on the characters and their relationships to an engaging degree. I became immersed in this story and all the different time periods it jumps to. While the Selina/Joker dynamic is compelling and full of tension, I hope that the Phantasm/Batman dynamic ramps up some more and has some of that same tone.

The Art: Clay Mann delivers some beautiful imagery throughout this issue. Not only are the action scenes well done and filled with energy, but the interpersonal moments are brilliantly staged and executed.

Batman Catwoman #2



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