Firefly_004_B_PreorderFirefly #4

Boom! Studios

Written by Greg Pak

Art by Dan McDaid

Inks by Anthony Fowler Jr and Tim Lattie

Colors by Marcelo Costa

Letters by Jim Campbell

Back-stabbing and betrayal are the order of the day as every member of the Serenity crew is in jeopardy.


Jayne, Book, Inara and Wash are in the clutches of the pilgrims. As they discuss which order they are going to execute the crew in, Book, Wash and Inara do their best to distract them long enough for Mal and Zoie to rescue them. A prospect that is easier said than done when Jayne doesn’t play along and makes things worse for everyone.

At the same time, Mal and Moon have come to an agreement. One that will secure the rescue of their friends and give Boss Moon what she wants. When her ship arrives, her crew betrays her orders and attempts to murder Mal and Zoie. It takes intervention from River and Kaylee to stop another slaughter.

As Boss Moon and her crew make their way to Bethlehem to help the rest of the crew, more betrayal and death will follow leaving Mal in a compromising position with Boss Moon and the crew surrounded  by factions wanting to kill them and each other.

Greg Pak has upped the ante on both action and drama in this issue. The story is great and the dialogue is fun and in keeping with the tone of the show. The story is taking some great twists that showcase how engaging the characters and their history is.

The art by Dan McDaid is great. There are some great panels filled with beautiful details and amazing action.

Firefly #4




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