742732._SX1280_QL80_TTD_Aliens Resistance #2

Dark Horse Comics

Written by Brian Wood

Art by Robert Carey

Colors by Dan Jackson

Letters by Nate Piekos

Ripley and Hendricks have found the Weyland-Yutani black site, but are too late to stop the androids on board from gassing and experimenting on the captured colonists.



As they make their way to the facility, Zula notices traces of acid scorching and ripped plating on the hull. Knowing what that means, Ripley and Hendricks arm themselves and enter the ship to see what’s happening to the colonists.

Amanda has to deal with her claustrophobia when she and  Zula have to use pressure suits to enter the lab. When they are attacked in the lab, Ripley has to fight for her life and when she and Zula finally gain control of the station and make their escape, they discover that the company is willing to do whatever it takes to protect its secrets.

This issue does a good job of moving the story along, but it doesn’t really do much else. The revelations about the company are interesting and the encounter with the synthetic is well done, but Brian Wood doesn’t really raise the stakes to a degree where the reader could feel any emotional connection to the characters or the story. Everything seemed to just happen and there was no real sense that what was happening meant much.

Robert Carey’s art is great. He was able to take a thin story and visually make it look interesting. There was a lot of atmosphere in the art and that helped to make the thin plotting more engaging.

Aliens Resistance #2




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