star-trek-q-conflict-02-pr-1-1160332Star Trek: The Q Conflict #2

IDW Publishing

Written by Scott and David Tipton

Art by David Messina

Inks by Elisabetta D’Amico

Colors by Alessandra Alexakis

Letters by Neil Uyetake

The crews have been switched up and the opposing forces have chosen their champions.

Team Kirk consists of Bones, Worf, Dax, Tuvok, O’Brien and Quark.

Team Picard includes Spock, Crusher, 7 of 9, Odo, Geordi and Uhura.

Team Sisko includes Chakotay, Data, Sulu, Bashir, Troi and Kim.

Team Janeway has Riker, Kira, Scotty, Paris, Chekov and Torres.


Trelane, Q and the others have decided on the first challenge to face the assembled Starfleet crews (and a very reluctant Quark). Before Q can give them the rules of the first round, Sisko insists that there are rules against hurting or killing each other as a way to win.

Picard chimes in with provisions against the games in any way altering the timeline and Janeway makes a special point of getting Q to agree to no cheating. As the other Captain’s wrangle with Q over the rules of the game, Captain Kirk tells Bones that he is actively looking for ways to learn more about the game so he can turn the tables.

The first obstacle is to find and locate and Iconian Gateway Engine. The target is a planet where the engine is still working and opening and closing portals all over the surface. The prize is possession of the engine to use in future rounds.

With the engine interfering with transporters, the away teams have to take shuttles to the surface. Riker spots Picard’s shuttle and takes it out of the equation using its own command codes. As the rest of the teams make their way to the Iconian base, one team will pull off a victory and the rest will have to deal with what comes next.

I have been utterly impressed with this story so far and this issue solidified my interest in everything that Scott and David Tipton are bringing to the table. The team selections are inspired and, as a Star Trek fan, I am salivating to see more of the interpersonal dynamics play out between these characters. Janeway’s almost motherly approach to Chekov played out like her relationship with Harry Kim. Worf and Kirk’s awkwardness is refreshing and Riker is gold throughout this issue with his desire and will to win. I can’t wait to see where this goes next.

David Messina’s character renders are perfect and I love the contrasting styles in the ship designs. This is a great looking book.


Star Trek The Q Conflict #2




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