Fence #1

Boom! Studios

Written by C.S. Pacat

Art by Johanna the Mad

Colors by Joana Lafuente

Letters by Jim Campbell

Nicholas Cox has come to the Connecticut Regional Circuit to compete in his first fencing tournament. After the initial hassle of just trying to get registered, we’re introduced to the locker room and the young men inside who are searching for a reason to dislike and dominate the young hopeful. Nicholas’ confidence is pretty much all he has and his first elimination match is against someone he’s never heard of, but who everyone fears and reveres; Seiji Katayama.


As the two men get ready for their first match, Nicholas decides to try to be a good sport and extend a hand to Seiji. He’s greeted with a less than courteous response. As the match begins, Nicholas thinks back on the circumstances and events that eventually lead him to being trained in fencing. Back at the match, Nicholas continues to hold his own and even manages to surprise Seiji. After the match is over, Nicholas decides to continue his fencing training by enrolling in a boy’s school that doesn’t have the best fencing team and his new roommate is guaranteed to bring drama.

This was a fun first issue. There were moments that were a little derivative, but it was a fun narrative that kept me interested. The art was great and I enjoyed the anime style immensely. The twist at the end of the first issue will definitely draw me into reading the second.


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