Just in time for the holidays comes a true Festivus Miracle!!

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment is releasing all 9 seasons of the hit comedy Seinfeld on Digital for the first time. Fans now have an all-access pass to all 180 episodes across the series’ nine seasons and have the option to purchase individual episodes, full seasons or the entire series. From classic episodes like “The Soup Nazi,” “The Bubble Boy,” and “The Muffin Tops,” to historic moments such as Jerry’s Today show appearance in the infamous Puffy Shirt and George’s scenes with Yankees owner George Steinbrenner to the emergence of iconic catch phrases like “Yada Yada Yada,” “Double-dipping,” “No soup for you!” and “Shrinkage,” fans can finally complete their digital collection with all things Seinfeld.

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Jerry Seinfeld, a stand up comedian; his childhood friend, George Costanza (Alexander); his ex-girlfriend, Elaine Benes (Louis-Dreyfus); and his wacky neighbor, Cosmo Kramer (Richards) — the sitcom about nothing quickly became a cultural phenomenon and television’s top-rated show, eventually drawing more than 30 million regular viewers each week.  The series was nominated for 68 Emmy® Awards (winning 10) and 15 Golden Globes®(winning three) over the course of its run.

Seinfeld The Complete Series is currently available for download to own on Digital.



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