FEMFUR_Cv3Female Furies #3

DC Comics

Written by Cecil Castellucci

Art by Adriana Melo

Colors by Hi-Fi

Letters by Sal Cipriano

Granny wants to use Beautiful Dreamer to wrestle back control of both the Furies and, more specifically, Aurelie. As Dreamer’s visions spread to the other Furies, we see what they really want in their lives including a new future for Barda. As they dream, Dreamer reaches out to Aurelie and tells her that there is a way for her escape Apokolips.


After experiencing her trauma, Dreamer escapes with Aurelie to Himon’s refuge. When Barda and the Furies follow, Barda starts to believe Aurelie as she’s taken away. When Willik gets his hands on her, they share a final, tragic moment that will spur Barda towards vengeance.

Cecil Castellucci fills this issue with reckonings and revelations as Beautiful Dreamer reveals the dreams of the Furies. The dialogue between the characters is fantastic and there are so many interesting moments showcased. As interesting and entertaining as the issue is, the shift in focus to Barda and Scott takes away from Aurelie’s story. The tragedy of her story has been so compelling that I was hoping for more build up to her final confrontation with Willik. I did love her final confrontation with Granny and her fellow Furies. It was satisfying to see her no longer relent, but to fight for not only her own freedom, but to be heard and believed as well.

Adiana Melo creates some beautiful and dynamic art in this issue and all of the characters looks expressive and emotional.

Female Furies #3




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