GITB 3 CVR SOL-thumb-500x768-1060130The Girl in the Bay #3

Dark Horse Comics

Written by JM DeMatteis

Art by Corin Howell

Colors by James Devlin

Letters by Clem Robins

Hugh doesn’t understand what is happening to him and the grotesque creature attached to him will help him figure it all out in a twisted therapy session where we learn what happened to him after he murdered Katherine in the 60’s.


At the same time, Katherine is trying to understand why she’s still in the present. How her new life works and why she is drawn to her dead double’s widow. The being that rescued her returns and she finds out that her double was obsessed with the woman for years, drawing pictures of her that are all over their home. She needs answers to those questions as well as why she can just conjure up the things she needs by talking about them.

Katherine is going to need to figure out why she’s back in a hurry because the creature that is attached to and influencing the man that has killed her twice has taken something even more precious than her life.

Katherine’s life is getting more complicated every day. JM DeMatteis continues to make her and the supporting characters in this issue as complicated and interesting as the plot. There are so many different layers to this issue and the overall story and each one that gets peeled back is more interesting than the last. All of the supernatural elements are interesting as well and the story has raised the stakes for both Katherine and Hugh. I can’t wait to see what happens next.

Corin Howell’s art is amazing. All of the characters look great and the grotesque ones are both creepy and disturbing. Love the art throughout this issue.

The Girl in the Bay #3




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