Deep Beyond #1

Image Comics

Written by Mirka Andolfo and David Goy

Art by Andrea Broccardo

Colors by Barbara Nosenzo

Letters by Fabio Amelia

The Rundown: In the wake of a global catastrophe life on Earth becomes a fight for survival.

A disaster has devastated the Earth and a research team investigating a mysterious anomaly will meet with disaster. One of the last survivors sends out a desperate message about what they might have found and it might be worse than anyone imagined. Days later, some of the kids of the most influential and powerful people in the colony are gathering for a party thrown by one of their friends. A party that ends in disaster.

A lone scientist with a connection to the researcher goes to her wife to implore her to send a team to find the lost team. Unfortunately, politics and secrets will prevent her from acting, but it doesn’t stop someone with her own connection to the research team from taking a stand and taking the scientist on a wild trip outside his sanitized world.

The Story: Andolfo and Goy start this story off with a bang. There is so much atmosphere and mystery already in the first few pages. Everything else in the issue drew me in and made me interested in reading more about the characters and this new and strange world that they inhabit. I like that there are some great interconnected moments as well as some great tension. I can’t wait to see where this story goes.

The Art: Broccardo does a great job with the art in this issue. There is so much detail to be found within every page. Everything from the environments to the characters are drawn with style and I love the tone of the art in this issue.

Deep Beyond #1



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