Books of Magic #16

DC Comics

Written by Kat Howard

Art by Tom Fowler and Craig Taillefer

Colors by Jordan Boyd and Marissa Louise

Letters by Todd Klein

The Rundown: Forces with their own agendas are looking to get things from him or protect him and Tim Hunter is stuck in the middle.


Tim Hunter’s life continues to get more complicated and dangerous as he wakes up not knowing where he’s been or what he’s done and his dark future self pushes him to do more magic and turn his back on everything and everyone, especially his family and school.

At the same time, Rose finds a familiar face waiting for her in her office and this face has a warning to her about the young wizard in her charge. A warning about popping up in worlds he hasn’t been authorized to visit.

When Tim’s dark future self takes him back into one of those worlds, Tim is presented with a choice that could change everything about his future.

The Story: Things are getting more intense for Tim Hunter and Kat Howard continues to weave an interesting story that challenges the character with defining moments that are entertaining to read and experience. Tim’s journey continues to be a bumpy one and the drama of his personal life, his family life and his school experience continue to be interesting roads to travel in this series. As things get more dangerous for Tim, the people around him become more important to who he will ultimately become and that is a journey I continue to be intrigued with.

The Art: All of the art is filled with beautiful details and the panels convey a cinematic quality that captures both the drama of the moments, but also the magic of the world.

Books of Magic #16




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