As I was sneaking around a dumpster to find a comic book for a local woman in Montana, I snuck up on an enemy religious cult fanatic. And I grabbed his head from behind smashing his face into the dumpster while my bear named Cheeseburger flipped a cultist truck killing the men inside.

In Far Cry 5, situations like this are what it’s all about. Random encounters with big things happening in them. COllecting things just to explore the vast amazing world that the devs have brought us is an example of the best gaming has to offer.. It’s too bad its got a rather weak story and some irritating missions.


Lets do the good stuff first!

Holy crap does this game have stuff for you to do! Collectibles, sieges, DOOMSDAY PREP LOOTING, dogfights in the air, helping the common man, hunting, and so much more! As of this writing I’m almost 20 hours into the game and have barely started the story. Traveling around this world is a breeze thanks to fast travel stations, a wing-suit, or the many planes found around the countryside.

Most games nowadays have a super cluttered menu system and tons of maps and ammo indicators and health and on and on and it can be overwhelming. Far Cry 5 has none of that except a little box for ammo and items to pop up and a minimalistic way-point system.


Every weapon feels like it does in real life. The pitch, the weight, the overall feel of shooting in this game is super fun. And it better be since you will be shooting/killing/running through the entire game. And it all feels so smoooooth. Plus you can get Boomer the good boy and Cheeseburger the bear to help you kill cultists. Co-Op is fun but the host gets the mission credit not the people who joined to help.

Lets do the things I didn’t like so much next.

I remember when the trailer for this dropped that I was intrigued by the type of story they seemed to be making. The villains are Over The Top, comic-book style madmen. The main one is like if Jared Leto method acted as a cult leader from a 2000s horror flick. There are like 5 character models of the bad-guys I can remember and most of them are variations on hippies with beards. I remember like three things about the story and that’s not good.


I’ve been a gamer for a long time and this is the first time Ive ever considered quitting a game because of bugs in the middle of missions. Outside of the main story which always takes FOREVER to load (More on that next) if a bug happens it’s usually funny or at least interesting but they happen constantly! Enemy pop in, frozen NPCs, dying for no reason, falling through the map, getting stuck underwater and end up under the geometry of the game, I could go on.

They are long. If you die a lot due to bugs or bullets it has to reload for about 20-30 seconds. If you die 9 times on a mission if ruins the experience and has me wonder what else I could be doing.

It’s a beautiful disaster which I am going to continue to play as soon as I finish this article!


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