Fantastic Four #3

Marvel Comics

Written by Dan Slott

Art by Sara Pichelli and Nico Leon

Colors by Marte Gracia

Letters by Joe Caramagna

Every member of every team that held the title Fantastic Four have found themselves transported to one of the last planets Franklin Richards created to battle the Griever.

As the varying teams of the FF try and catch up and understand what they are facing, the Griever herself reveals that she has a history with Reed and that history is exactly what Reed needs to calculate a way to stop her once and for all. After enlisting Johnny and Ben to destroy the only way any of them can escape, Reed sets a bold plan in motion that sets the rest of the teams to the Griever’s ship to prevent her from escaping.

As the teams get to business, the original four take a few moments to catch up before Reed decides to put the next part of his plan into action. A part that will rely on Franklin to execute. After sending Johnny to fight and Val on a secret mission, Reed tries to convince his son that he needs to confront the Griever head on in order for the plan to work. Franklin is hesitant and it takes his father, mother Uncle Ben and even Spider-Man to convince the boy that he can be the hero that they need.

As the team goes into battle, Franklin gets some big league back up and Johnny discovers a ally on the Griever’s ship who wants to stay hidden.

This was an incredibly fun issue that does everything right in regards to reminding readers why these characters endure. Slott does an excellent job of making Reed the genius and leader that he needs to be as well as the compassionate and caring father that his kids need. The best Fantastic Four stories emphasize both the heroics of the characters and the strength of their bond as family. This story continues that tradition and expands that family by reminding readers that hosts of other heroes have joined the family at times as well.

The art in this issue is gorgeous and there are some fun, intricate details in many of the panels that catch the eye and expand the story in different ways.

Fantastic four #3




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