Thor #7

Marvel Comics

Written by Jason Aaron

Art by Tony Moore

Colors by John Rauch

Letters by Joe Sabino

Jason Aaron takes the reader from tales of Thor at the end of his days to a Thor in the prime of his youth with this new issue.

As Odin dispenses harsh justice on a group of Dark Elves that have invaded Asgard to murder him, he sees that his son Thor is not there to witness it. His anger only grown when he realizes that Thor has returned to Midgard to revel and drink with the Viking hordes that worship him. When he goes to confront his wayward son, the two of them get into a heated exchange that ends with Thor asserting his will.

In the aftermath, Odin is offered a way to being Thor back to Asgard and to reject Midgard altogether by Loki. Wary of his son’s motives, he agrees and Loki creates a situation that he believes will play into Thor’s love for mortals, his lust for women, his lust for battle and his naiveté about the limits of mortality. It does not end well for everyone.

This is an interesting and fun side story that does a lot to remind readers of the origins of the conflict between these characters. Aaron does a great job of crafting a story of both love and loss that connects to Thor’s ultimate quest to be worthy of Mjolnir. The story is plotted and paced well and it has a lighter, more lyrical style than the last arc. This welcome aside will hopefully have relevance to the next arc for the character.

Tony Moore’s art is really good. I enjoyed the look of the characters, especially Thor and Loki. There are some amazing panels in this issue as well that are filled with fun and exciting action.

Thor #7




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